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The Farpoint Crew

A Long Time Ago In a Galaxy Far, Far Away ...

In 2010, two nerds decided to leave the 9-5 grind and open their own shop. Fast forward to today: Farpoint Toys has evolved into an award winning, multiple Eisner-nominated museum & nerd-shop -  called "one of the most beloved toy stores is America" by Den of Geek!

The driving force behind what we do is our love of nostalgia: in fact, we call ourselves Nostalgineers™!

We view collectibles not just as playthings but as artifacts, and that attitude - coupled with our brick-and-mortar's boutique-like atmosphere - makes Farpoint more than a “store”- it's an experience!

The Farpoint Experience is equal parts our museum-level passion for preserving and sharing happy memories, and us just being US and geeking out with you all when you come to visit! It's a huge part of what we do and of the community we cultivate!

So come visit us, shop online, join our VIP group, or stop in online LIVE every Sunday at 5 PM ET!
Farpoint has been featured on both local and national TV as well as streaming services like Amazon Prime! Our latest episode of A TOY STORE NEAR YOU from the Nacelle Company - the folks who brought you Netflix hits like The Toys That Made Us - is available to stream NOW!

Check it out today!

Meet the Team