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The Farpoint Museum
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The driving force behind Farpoint is the joy of nostalgia. While we of course love sharing that joy every day with the buying, selling and trading of all those collectibles that bring back great memories of our childhoods, we have always wanted to take that a step further.

The Farpoint Museum is that step!

The Farpoint Museum adds the preservation, conservation and public exhibition of toys, comics, games & other collectibles to what we’ve always been about: spreading the love of nostalgia.

We use the word Nostalgineer™ to describe what we do here at Farpoint … we view these collectibles not just as playthings but as artifacts – items of artistic, cultural, and even historical importance. As such, we want to share their awesomeness with as many folks as possible!

Several exhibits are already available in-store, interspersed among our usual store stock. Feel free to ask a Farpoint Nostalgineer™ if you have any questions, and keep your eyes peeled here for updates as we continue to evolve and expand The Farpoint Museum!