This is an ever-growing list of questions we've been asked - feel free to shoot us any you may have via our Contact page! It may end up here!

* I see acronyms like MOC and MISB in your item descriptions. What exactly does that mean? 

We sell new as well as vintage and pre-owned items, and accurately describing each item's condition is super important to us! We want to make sure you know exactly what you're getting, so we take lots of detailed pictures and use industry-terms to describe everything as well as we can!

Here are some condition acronyms you might see on our items, and exactly what they mean!

NWT - New With Tags
The item is brand new with its original tags.
Usually used for things fabric items like apparel: clothing, hats, bags, etc!

NWOT - New Without Tags
The item is brand new, never used, but either did not originally come with tags, or is without its original tags. Again, usually used on fabric items or apparel.

MOC - Mint On Card
Vintage or pre-owned toys and other collectibles that are still on their unopened product cards and in mint condition inside are considered MOC. The cards themselves may not be in like-new condition but the items inside are factory fresh!

MISB - Mint In Sealed Box
Vintage or pre-owned toys and other collectibles that have unopened boxes and are still in mint condition inside those boxes are considered MISB. The boxes themselves may have some wear but the items inside are factory fresh!

MIB - Mint In Box
A toy or collectible that's MINT IN BOX is 100% complete, in good shape, with its original (opened) packaging.

A toy or collectible that's described as WITH BOX is not complete but comes with its original (opened) box as shown.

A toy or game may be referred to as COMPLETE. That means it does not have any of its original packaging, but does come with all its original accessories. For example, a copy of Super Mario Bros described as COMPLETE would come with a cartridge and a manual, and a complete G1 My Little Pony Firefly would come with her brush and ribbon!

A toy may be referred to as LOOSE. That means it is not complete and does not come with any of its original packaging. For example, a vintage GI Joe Firefly figure with no accessories would be described as LOOSE.

A video game may be sold without its original packaging or manuals. That would mean you'd only get the game cartridge or disc!

CIB - Complete In Box
A video game that is CIB comes with its original opened case or box as well as the game itself and its manual.

NIOB - New In Opened Box
A NIOB toy or collectible is in new unused condition inside an opened box. 

NIB - New In Box
A video game that is described as NIB is unopened and comes in its original factory sealed packaging.