Dr. Fossil Day + Yard Sale 2022

Dr. Fossil Day + Yard Sale 2022

A POP CULTURE YARD SALE, FREE dinosaur toys for the kids, and Jurassic Park?! What more could anyone ask for?!!!

Please join us on August 20th for our Dr. Fossil Day!

On Dr. Fossil Day, we remember our good friend Ed, who is sadly no longer with us.

Ed "Dr. Fossil" Lauginiger was a teacher, an amateur paleontologist, a volunteer at the Delaware Museum of Natural History and also a HUGE toy collector! Ed especially loved GI Joe and Star Wars and had a soft spot for Jurassic Park and dinosaurs in general. He even discovered a new species of ancient animal fossil that's named after him!

We were incredibly saddened by Ed's passing back in 2017 and would like to invite both those who knew him and strangers alike to come together to celebrate and honor him for his birthday!

In Ed's honor, we'll have:
* FREE dino toys for the kids, straight from Ed's personal collection!
When volunteering at the museum, Ed often treated the kids at his presentations to free dino toys, and in his honor we will be doing the same (while supplies last)!
* One of Ed's dino mascots will be on display - come meet Ripley the Life-Sized Raptor!
*We'll also be screening some of Ed's favorite films like Jurassic Park!
* PLUS! We'll also be hosting a POP CULTURE YARD SALE right outside the shop!
Who knows what you might find?!

See YOU August 20th!!

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